Izstrādāts IG STUDIJA

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Just like the classic jeans, opera Carmen and the little black dress, the classics of “Ādažu Čipsi” has seen different times, fashion and technology miracles, and remained exactly as tasty as before. And you fall in love with this taste again and even more. Because the grass was greener back then, sky was bluer and songs used to actually have lyrics, but the classical chips are the ones to remain the same – the dill flavoured chip still smells like grandma’s dill garden, your fingers become dark red after finishing a bag of tomatoe chips, sour cream and onion chip crunches like the snow under your feet in winter, cheese chip melts just as cheesy in your mouth, a cloud of barbecue and smoke fragrance rolls out of the bacon chips bag when you open it, and the mushroom chips remind you those cozy family dinners by the big round table. Because potatoe remains the same.