Nutrition Class

Nutrition class is OPEN from 1st of September 2023!

Reserve the date and time for visiting Nutrition class in Ādažu factory by e-mail 
*We take visiting groups from Monday through Thursday

The exciting Ādažu čipsi Nutrition Class gives every student the opportunity to:

Learn about balanced nutrition and its importance in an interesting way;
Get to know the prerequisites for snacking;
Learn the story of the potatoes that are used for the chips, from the farm to the warehouse;
Grasp the idea of the production process of salty snacks;
Create chips with your own special flavour in the Nutrition Classroom workshop;
See a 360 degree virtual tour of the chips’ path at the plant, from sorting the potatoes to the warehouse shelf.

Book your desired date and time to attend the Nutrition Class program at Ādažu čipsi Factory by writing to our email: or by calling 26808069

The program is suitable for students starting from the 1st grade;
We welcome groups of 15 to 30 people;
Duration of the program: 1h 30min;
Nutrition Class visitors fee: 8.00 EUR (per person)
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