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”Ādažu čipsi”’ – Delicious Company

Being together with friends is not imaginable without the presence of potato chips. It’s a simple and tasty way to turn every day into a small celebration and create a sense of community.
Choose from a variety of flavours that everyone will enjoy!
While eating ”Ādažu čipsi‘’, all your daily stress stays behind and you can fully enjoy your stay with people who are close to you.

Only the popular taste of ”Ādažu čipsi” is loved so much and is able to unite people!

”Ādažu čipsi” – the taste that brings people together.


“Ādažu čipsi” 

Our mission is to unite people by providing them with a perfect salty snack in any life situation.
Our vision is to inspire everyone to enjoy a delicious being together.

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