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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small information file sent to your computer or other device (such as a mobile phone) when you visit our website; it is then stored in your browser. A cookie is sent to your computer or other device for the purpose of storing data, so that we can recognize you as a user of the service when you visit our website. With the help of cookies, we can also link your purchase history, and other data you collected while using the services, to your browsing on the Internet. The information obtained with the help of cookies allows us to provide you with more convenient browsing, learn more about the actions of users of our website, analyse trends, and improve both the website and our service. Our website also uses third-party cookies. They are used to build a browsing history for each visitor in order to show you ads that are right for you and to provide you with the best experience when visiting our website. If your browser allows third-party cookies, our chosen partner will be able to set their own cookies in your browser.

How do we use cookies?

There are several types of cookies (persistent and session). They differ in their intended use and duration period. Over time, used cookies may be updated and adapted to improve the quality of service.

The purposes of our use of cookies are:

  • Provision of services – cookies provide basic functions, such as page navigation.
  • User settings – cookies allow a website to remember information that changes the way a website works or looks, such as the preferred language or region in which you are located.
  • Usage statistics and analysis – Cookies help website owners understand how visitors interact with websites by collecting and reviewing information anonymously.
  • Marketing – cookies are used to track website visitors. The goal is to show relevant ads that interest an individual user.

We do not use cookies for the purpose of collecting personal information about users. However, certain processed information may be considered as personal data.

We may share information about how you use our site with our social media, advertising, and analytics partners.

We would like to explain that there are cookies without which you will not otherwise be able to operate on our website (so-called essential cookies for the basic functions of the website), and these cookies will be sent to your device without your consent. This activity of ours complies with the requirements of laws and regulations. For other cookies, before sending them to your device, we ask for your consent at all times, and if new cookies are added to our list of cookies over time, we will also ask for your consent to use the new cookies.

How do I delete cookies or change my preferences?

If you want to restrict or prohibit the use and storage of cookies on your devices or delete already stored cookies, you can do so in your web browser settings.

You can set your browser to approve the use of all cookies, to reject the use of all cookies, or to display a notification about the download of each cookie. Each browser is different, so we encourage you to read more about cookie settings in the Cookie Control and User Guide, which is linked below. Your device’s operating system may include additional cookie control features. If you do not want cookies to collect information, opt out of the use of cookies in your browser settings. To learn more about managing cookies, visit

These terms are subject to change by us without notice and may be unilaterally adjusted as necessary, as we comply with the laws governing the use of cookies and take into account generally accepted practices regarding the use of cookies, which may change over time. The types of cookies we use may also change.

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